People Love This Little Rustic Log Cabin With Porch

People Love This Little Rustic Log Cabin With Porch

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Come take a look inside just one of the available log cabins at the Contigo Ranch located in Fredericksburg, Texas. The rustic log cabin features a garden and views of the garden, the Contigo Ranch Fredericksburg is a sustainable farm stay set in Fredericksburg, just 10 km from Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. This vacation property offers access to a terrace, free private parking, and free WiFi. The log cabin features family rooms, this property also provides guests with an outdoor fireplace. Guests at Contigo Ranch Fredericksburg will be able to enjoy activities in and around Fredericksburg, like fishing and hiking. A baby safety gate is also available for guests at the accommodation.

You'll be sure to love the historic Kentucky log cabins, all hand-hewn and built during the 1800s. Each of the five log cabins is unique and all include a large wood-burning fireplace, living room, kitchenette with cookware and dishware, and plenty of old-world feel. The log cabins are a great place for guests to experience log cabin living. The Contigo Ranch is a family-owned, working ranch in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. For generations, the Contigo Ranch has believed that healing can be found in the simple relationship between people and the natural world. They invite you to experience the restorative beauty of the land, whether you come for a time of rest, connection, or celebration.

Hand hewing is the process of turning a full log, into a log with one or more flat surfaces. Hand-hewn logs are logs that have been flattened or squared using only handheld tools. It is a very laborious task, but one that is still favored by many carpenters for the traditional appearance it creates. Hand hewn timber can then be used for beams, joists, trusses, or even log cabin walls.

Before the 1800’s logs were commonly hewn into shape using an ax, which was known as an adze. Early settlers in America felled their trees, removed the limbs, transported them to the log cabin building site, scored and squared them. The process was not quick or easy and was a job for skilled carpenters and craftsmen. With the invention of steam power, rough sawn beams were readily available, and fewer people hand-hewed logs. However, many people were still too far from sawmills and continued well into the 1800s to hand hew their logs. This was often less expensive and made more sense if they had land to clear or nearby trees.

The hand hewn log process depends on whether living trees or reclaimed wood will be used. If you are starting the process of felling your trees, you'll have to start by selecting and felling your logs. If you are using reclaimed wood, you’ll need to determine how far along the hewing process your wood already is. Hand hewn logs offer a certain elegance, beauty, and durability, and offer a different look than logs that have been cut with electric tools. Most of the hand hewn beams you'll find for sale today are antique, which means they're more than a century old. Many of these beams have been salvaged from old buildings and have been reused several times.

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